Let’s go home


At the end of any film that includes an epic adventure or even chaotic situation the line of dialogue is inevitably “Let’s go home..”  I’m ready to be there, but this experience has been one for the memory books.

It’s right at 9:00 a.m. and I’m sitting in the lounge car watching Georgia about to turn into Alabama. The temperature is rising and the view is more piney woods than rocky cliff walls. The train is pretty full and running just a little late thanks to freight traffic.

I have had 2 seat mates, neither of which are much to right home about. About 2 a.m. the second one moved to a back empty seat and left me with the empty seat next to me enabling me to spread out a little and sleep better. We should begin to empty out as we close in on New Orleans.

I’ve enjoyed writing during this trip and reading the comments as I go. I feel like I had a lot of company on this trip. It’s nice to know when people are reading your stuff and enjoying the story you’re telling. It’s been suggested that I wrap it up with a bit of a detailed log of everything I did on this journey. I suspect once I have some time to digest some of it I’ll do just that. For now I’ll just sit here and watch Alabama roll by my window. Y’all have a good day. We’ll talk soon.


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