A new start…again


When I began this blog nearly a year ago the plan had truly been to embrace the environment I was in and explore all that living in a beach community had to offer. Well. You know what they say about best laid plans? Things change.

I’ve bid the beach farewell and come home to my beautiful bay with the lights and activity of Mobile on one side and the quaint and quiet of Baldwin County on the other. This is my kind of coastal living.

So, what’s next? Long term plan is back to school again to work towards my teaching certificate and then teach history. Short term is still a bit foggy.  I’m so grateful for my family for their unending support and especially to my parents for providing a safe place to land in the meantime.

The exciting part is what’s actually next. On Thursday morning I’ll board a train heading north from New Orleans to New York to spend Christmas with my brother and family. While I am thrilled to be spending a cold, glittering, New York Christmas with family, the train travel definitely adds a bit of magic to the experience.

Why the train instead of flying? Several reasons, but the truth is that I just wanted to do it. It’s also a challenge. I deal with an anxiety disorder every day so anything in which I have to give up complete control – like getting into a metal box and letting someone drive me at a high rate of speed 1300 miles – is terrifying. However, I focus on who is waiting on the other end, remember that God is the one actually in control, and do my best to give it to him so I can enjoy the ride.

So, I begin again into something unknown and pray for strength to grow along the way. I will be blogging the trip so I invite you to come along on this adventure. We begin on Thursday. Stay tuned…








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