All aboard!

The adventure has begun. My sweet brother in law delivered me to the Amtrak station in New Orleans a little after 6:00 this morning. After checking a bag I immediately got in the boarding line. Just after 7:00 a.m. the train pulled slowly pulled out of the station. No one yelled “all aboard” by the way – which is bit disappointing – but it’s a new day and I guess it’s more about scanning the ticket and making sure the luggage doesn’t weigh too much.

So far our stops have included Hattiesburg, Laurel, and Meridian, MS. The view from my left side window is of small Mississippi towns and woodlands. Next up is Tuscaloosa and then Birmingham where the train will begin to get a little more full.

How am I doing? I’m great. Much of my anxiety comes from being in unfamiliar spaces so once I was settled and underway I began to relax. The train never seems to be going any faster than I would drive – although I’m pretty sure it is – just a bit bumpy at times.

My car is next to the cafe car since walking on a moving train is a akin to those stairs at the fun house that shift as you attempt to maneuver them! I’ve enjoyed a turkey sub, chips, and a root beer and as my dad said earlier everything is more pleasant on a full stomach.

The coach seats are wide and offer ample leg room. There’s an extension that lifts up from under seat and a foot rest attached to the seat in front which makes stretching out easy. There is also quiet a bit of space between seats so when the seat is back you aren’t laying in your neighbor’s lap!

So, for now my scenery consists of things familiar. I’m looking forward to night fall when the Christmas lights will emerge along the countryside and the view from the windows begins to change.

I’ll sign off for now and touch in up to road. train-early




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