End of the line..for now


We’re getting close and the train is definitely going faster than it has since we started. We’ve run into quite a bit of freight traffic that has put us about an hour behind schedule so I think our engineer is trying to make up time. A bit bumpy, but it’s pretty outside.

I’ve never been to Pennsylvania so the next leg will be new. I’m sitting in the lounge car on the right so maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of something important. We’ll be in Philly in about 35 minutes and then on to Trenton and Newark and finally we’ll pull into Penn Station.

Now I know that Penn Station no longer looks like the picture above. It’s new and modern and electronic and commercial and full of people in a hurry. But this trip is about magic and adventure so I went with a magical picture.

The train emptied out a good deal when we stopped in DC. The company has been good. Lots of families. Cute little ones passing the time with their books and snacks and gazing out the windows. My car has been a bit warm so the lounge has been a point of escape mainly for the difference in temperature.

I took a little break to give us time to get to Philly and we are currently pulling into the City of Brotherly Love. Passing the University of Pennsylvania on the left. I should be able to see City Hall when we exit – home of the Liberty Bell and the singing of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States – this is where is all began y’all. Wow.

The next hour is going to go pretty fast so I think I’ll sign off and try to freshen up a bit and be ready to tackle Penn Station and find my brother. The first half of my first train trip has been great.  If you have not done this I definitely recommend it.

Merry Christmas y’all. It’s about scoop up those boys and play with my family in the greatest city in the world. So long for now.



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