Night falls on the tracks


We’re approaching Atlanta. It’s about 7:45 p.m. eastern time. I’m amazed at how quickly the last 12 hours have passed. I’ve ready, colored, grabbed a snack, watched a little Netflix, and witnessed the scenery change from the coast to rocky foothill. We’ve changed time zones.

We continue to pass thru small towns and countryside, dotted with closed storefronts and the lights shining in homes as people get home from work. Christmas lights are scattered although not as many as I would have thought. I’m on the left side of the train so my view may be somewhat limited by that as well.

I elected not to eat in the dining car but may do that on the way back. The lounge car is just behind mine so it’s simple to pick up a sandwich or a candy bar to fill that need. I do understand that the supper menu ranged from steak to chicken to spinach salad and is said to be quite good.

The car continues to be quiet. My seat mate has finally joined me – a young man who, like me, is a writer and lover of history. There are a couple of mother/daughter teams traveling together and there have been lots of giggles and silliness coming from the seats around me. The two older men in front of me – not traveling together but just sitting together – have engaged in fun and intelligent conversation as we’ve progressed. People of all races and places. All heading somewhere.

I think for the rest of the evening I will likely read and perhaps have a little dinner, and watch the darkness pass. We make several stops thru the night, arriving in Manassas, Virigina around 8:00 a.m., followed by Alexandria, and Washington DC around 9:30 a.m.

It’s been a gentle ride with pleasant people. I’m glad for that.

Goodnight from the rails just west of Atlanta.




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